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Have you always enjoyed magic shows ? Why not hire a professional entertainer to host your event ? Magic has become very trendy in Monaco, Billy DEBU now offers his services to make your reception a unique experience.

To give you a better idea of the details of his service and the benefits you can get from it, here are some details about the work of Billy DEBU, close-up magician in Monaco.

‘Do you think it’s possible ?’

The magician of Prince Albert of Monaco

Billy DEBU is a magic lover who has finally made magic a full-time job. He appeared a lot on television, he was also awarded prizes in international magic competitions.

Billy DEBU is now one of the most famous professional magicians we know and his references attest to this. Always with the aim of sharing his passion for magic, he offers his services for the animation of various Monegasque receptions: weddings, seminars, birthdays, etc….

Why hire Billy DEBU in Monaco ?

Considering his reputation, it is obvious that hiring Billy DEBU, close-up magician in Monaco, guarantees the success of your event. By calling on a magic professional such as Billy DEBU, you are certain to surprise your guests.

Billy DEBU’s service allows you to benefit from advantages such as :

  • Perfect your entertainment : Original, authentic and above all customizable, the magic tricks that are presented will make your reception unforgettable in the eyes of all guests.
  • Enjoy a unique experience : Billy’s magic tricks are unique. Indeed, as an artist in his own right, he creates each of his magical effects himself.
  • Create a custom animation : Using Billy DEBU also allows you to create custom effects, for example during a wedding or seminar.
  • A bilingual service : Billy DEBU is fluent in English and French.

Magic Show for all your events in Monaco

Would you like to organise an outstanding show for a major event in Monaco ? For spectacular entertainment, why not hire Billy DEBU ? A professional magician who has been working in Monaco since he was a child, he is able to offer you an extraordinary show.
Billy DEBU proposes you different magic services according to your event in Monte-Carlo/Monaco. The course of each show depends on the type of event and its size (birthday, wedding, professional event, etc.). Regardless of the age of your guests, Billy’s magic tricks will delight your guests.


    • Close-up for adults :

Adults can benefit from close-up magic tricks, the acts are performed just in front of your guests. The close-up can be done by strolling around during a cocktail party or from table to table. Your guests will be amazed by an original magic show. His close-up magic performance will create strong moments throughout the evening while creating a friendly atmosphere.

    • Magic show for children :

Billy DEBU your professional magician in Monaco offers 100% interactive magic shows to entertain your events : disappearance of coins, card tricks, etc.. Billy DEBU presents incredible magic tricks in which he handles various accessories and magic objects. In addition, your magician presents mentalist acts, which are based on psychological principles.

    • Personalized formula :

Your mentalist magician in Monaco can also present personalized magic tricks, adapted to the theme of the event or the time of year: Halloween, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas dinner, etc. Or, if you have favorite magic tricks, you can ask your magician to do them. Choose the best time for the magician’s intervention: at the beginning of the event, in the middle or at the end.

Magicien Monaco

Photo taken during the 25th Montecarlo Magic Stars in 2010.

To take advantage of Billy DEBU’s services, simply contact him through the contact form on his website or call him directly: 07 61 24 89 65. This first contact will allow you to find out about his availability and then a quote for the service you are planning.

Quotation for a Magic show in Monaco

Billy DEBU’s magic services are for both professionals and individuals. During your private event, wedding or anniversary, your magician can offer unique shows for each intervention. But before that, you must first request a quote from your magician to know his rates and availability. To carry out this procedure, you must fill in the contact form with all the necessary information :

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address
  • The date of the service
  • The number of people
  • The desired service

It is also necessary to specify first of all, the type of event (wedding, seminar, birthday in Monaco, etc.), the place where the event will take place and the type of show desired (for children, or adults).
It is also advisable to mention your budget so that the magician can provide you with a tailor-made quote. In all cases, the price of each service depends on the duration of the show. For more information, you can call directly the magician Billy DEBU, the best magician in Monaco.


“The minute I saw Billy perform I told The Magic Castle to book him.”

David REGALInternational performer and lecturer

“When skillful artistry and passion collide, you have a Billy DEBU experience. Billy makes masterful card artistry possible, a creative lecture with new twists and turns down every path. That’s real Magic !”

Gary BARKERThe Magic Emporium USA

“Une Technique irréprochable, une approche psychologique intelligente. Des tours signés Billy …
A voir absolument.”

Audouin RAMBAUDAdjoint au Maire d’Antibes Juan-les-Pins

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