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For the animation of your event, the selection of a performer is crucial and must be done with care as it is what will create a good atmosphere.

Indeed, it is essential that the performers present certain skills and that their performance suits you. Billy DEBU, a close-up magician in Nice, is dedicated to meeting all your needs and offering a quality service to entertain your guests in an original and unforgettable way.

Magicien Nice

Where to find a magician in Nice?

Billy DEBU is a professional magician who listens to your requests, so he can identify your needs and adapt to your requirements in order to perfect your reception. His goal being your complete satisfaction as well as your guests’, he will make sure to perform magic tricks that are suitable for everyone.

Thus, children as well as adults will find their benefit through card tricks, coins, ropes or even mentalist acts. The magician will promote a good atmosphere throughout your reception.

Why hiring Billy DEBU in Nice?

Billy DEBU, is a great magic professional known in Nice for his talent and magical effects. He started his career through television shows, he has also won several awards in magic competitions.

Billy DEBU has since made a name for himself through his presentations at various festivals and other magic events. He specializes in close-up magic tricks, which allows him to work mainly during a meal or a cocktail. His past experiences will allow him to advise you on the organization of your event (wedding, birthday, seminar, private party, etc….).

Magician and mentalist in Nice

Hiring Billy DEBU, a close-up magician in Nice, allows you to enjoy a quality animation. To get Billy DEBU to participate in the animation of your event, you can contact him directly through his website. You can call him or use the dedicated form to communicate your request.

This will be an opportunity to determine the rates for the service you are considering and whether he is available for the date you are planning. Keep in mind that a reservation is always necessary so that your date is taken into account. Once the confirmation is done, all you have to do is wait until the D-day to enjoy his magic tricks

Your Magician for all your events in Nice

By hiring a magic professional, you will have the opportunity to make your event unique and memorable. Billy DEBU, your close-up magician comes to Nice to animate your evening and all other events (wedding, private party, birthday, etc.). Magic shows are an ideal choice for all events: private parties or corporate events, the magician can be adapted to any occasion. Billy will meet your expectations to host all types of events: weddings, anniversaries, new product launches, team building, seminars in Nice, etc. Billy DEBU presents magic acts adapted to each occasion, the course of the show depends on your event.
Close-up magic tricks are perfectly suited for event evenings (gala dinners, corporate events or cocktail dinners). Thanks to his dynamic and visual magic tricks, the magician will bring a good amount of humour to your guests. Your guests will be surprised by his magic tricks (card tricks, mentalism etc.).

Some high quality Magic Shows for everyone

Your magician Billy proposes animations in Nice that will delight the youngest as well as the old ones, the magic show can be done in French as well as in English. During your event, if the audience is made up of adults, it will obviously not be the same magic tricks offered for the youngest ones. The magician will present magic tricks that are much more suitable for adults. If it is an event dedicated especially for children, the magic acts proposed will be adapted to their age (magic show from 6 years old).
The magician Billy DEBU offers totally different shows whether it is the entertainment of a cocktail dinner or a sit-down meal. His shows can also be performed as a stage show. It is up to you to decide the type of animation you want to see on your big day. Billy DEBU is a versatile magic professional, he adapts to the expectations of adults and children alike.

Contact Billy DEBU, your magic professional in Nice

Do you have an event to prepare in Nice? Weddings, birthdays or other occasions, it is always preferable to call a magician directly to ensure the entertainment and atmosphere during the evening. Your magician in Nice can take care of everything to make your events an unforgettable moment for your guests. To contact your close-up magician in Nice, you can call him directly by phone for an immediate answer or fill out the online contact form for a quote within 48 hours.
If you would like to receive an estimate of the budget to be planned, you can also fill in the contact form and mention all the details of the event. In order for the magician to provide you with a tailor-made quote, it is advisable to detail your message in detail.
Fill in the essential information: date and place of the event, your budget, the type of shows you want to have, etc. You can also meet your magician directly in Nice to clarify all the details of the event (wedding, birthday, evening with friends etc.).


“The minute I saw Billy perform I told The Magic Castle to book him.”

David REGALInternational performer and lecturer

“When skillful artistry and passion collide, you have a Billy DEBU experience. Billy makes masterful card artistry possible, a creative lecture with new twists and turns down every path. That’s real Magic !”

Gary BARKERThe Magic Emporium USA

“Une Technique irréprochable, une approche psychologique intelligente. Des tours signés Billy …
A voir absolument.”

Audouin RAMBAUDAdjoint au Maire d’Antibes Juan-les-Pins

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