Magic lecture

'Magic Through my Eyes' by Billy

Specifications & details

  • Duration : 1h30 
  • Languages : French and English
  • For Magicians
  • Some products will be sold at the end of the lecture : DVDs, Lecture’s notes, gaffed cards…
  • Suitable for all levels : beginners, experts, professionals …
  • A unique Lecture-Show
  • Will be covered and discussed : interactivity, presentation, humor, texts, visual effects, musics, personality, training, technique, demonstrations and explanations, final …

Billy DEBU’s brand new lecture-show “Magic Through my Eyes” during which he will reveal his vision of Magic in relation to his career. Warm-up, technique, presentation, professionalism, personality… will be among the discussed points. Billy will offer many demonstrations and interactive explanations. He had the opportunity to give this lecture all over the world: Magic Castle (Hollywood), Italy (Masters of Magic), Japan (Tokyo Japan Cup…), USA (Daytona Magic Convention, Magic Emporium…), France (La Colombe d’or…) …

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