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Billy DEBU is a professional magician in the Toulon area in the Var (83). He specializes in close-up magic and mentalism, two disciplines of magic that allow him to perform at private or professional events. Billy is a complete performer who can adapt his animations and services to all audiences. Whether it’s an audience of children (from 6 years old) or adults, he will entertain them with his magic tricks and amazing experiences: digital magic, mentalism, cards, coins, fire …

He is also known for his close-up and mentalism shows on stage, which allow him to surprise large numbers of spectators. His ability to adapt makes Billy DEBU an excellent magician for all types of events in Toulon in the Var. His performances will leave you with lasting memories and your guests will be astonished by the prowess of Billy DEBU, the Close-up Magician and Mentalist in Toulon.

Close-up and mentalism shows in Toulon with Billy DEBU

Billy DEBU, professional magician in Toulon in the Var (83) and surroundings, offers Close-up and mentalism shows for private and professional events. He combines digital magic (magic 2.0), mentalism and authentic close-up. Billy DEBU puts his adaptability to the service of the amazement of his public. The close-up magic tricks that he presents allow for an immersive experience for the spectators, they will be amazed to see magic tricks just a few centimeters away from their eyes.

In addition to his close-up shows, Billy DEBU is also an expert in mentalism. He uses his psychological and communication skills to create mentalism experiences that will leave audiences both amazed and mystified. He can also customize his performances to specific themes, such as a product launch or corporate event, to create an even more memorable experience for guests. If you are looking for close-up magic and mentalism shows in Toulon, Billy DEBU is the perfect choice for your event.

Close-up magician in Toulon and surroundings for unforgettable local animations

Magic, also called the noble art, has crossed the centuries and cultures. Once reserved for theater stages and television shows, it has now been democratized to become an indispensable animation for private and professional events. Billy DEBU, the magician, now performs close-up magic tricks at a few centimeters from the spectators, or on stage magic shows for a larger audience.

This evolution of magic is due to the increasing demand of event organizers who are looking for original and entertaining animations for their guests. The professional magician Billy DEBU is able to create customized shows adapted to the event and its audience, in Toulon and surroundings. Close-up magic offers a more personal and interactive magical experience for guests, who can even participate in the tricks.

In short, the Close-up Magician Billy DEBU can now offer his talents and services for private and professional events in Toulon, outside of traditional theater stages and television shows (which does not prevent him from touring all over the world and appearing on television sets). Close-up magic has become a much desired and interactive animation, which allows to entertain the guests while creating a unique atmosphere.

You want to hire a professional magician in Toulon for your private or corporate events?

Hiring Billy DEBU for your wedding or corporate event in Toulon is a great way to entertain your guests and create a wonderful atmosphere.
Close-up magicians are expert performers of close-up magic tricks, who usually perform in small groups or one-on-one, offering a unique and personal magical experience for each guest.

Billy DEBU is known for his ability to entertain and surprise guests with incredible magic tricks and for his ability to adapt to all types of events. He can customize a show to fit your event and your guests. He can guarantee an unforgettable magical experience for your wedding or corporate event in Toulon.

There are several reasons why it can be very beneficial to hire Close-up Magician Billy DEBU for your event. First of all, he will be ideal to animate transitional moments, such as breaks between courses or speeches, and to help break the ice between guests who don’t know each other. In addition, Billy DEBU is very good at incorporating the key themes and messages of your event into his performance or entertainment, which can add a personal and memorable touch to your event.


“The minute I saw Billy perform I told The Magic Castle to book him.”

David REGALInternational performer and lecturer

“When skillful artistry and passion collide, you have a Billy DEBU experience. Billy makes masterful card artistry possible, a creative lecture with new twists and turns down every path. That’s real Magic !”

Gary BARKERThe Magic Emporium USA

“Une Technique irréprochable, une approche psychologique intelligente. Des tours signés Billy …
A voir absolument.”

Audouin RAMBAUDAdjoint au Maire d’Antibes Juan-les-Pins

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