Credits & Thanks

Crossroads by Billy DEBU


  • Set Location : Espaces Antipolis
  • Realisation : Billy DEBU
  • Montage / VFX / Editing / Design / Menu : Billy DEBU
  • Cameramen & Drone : Billy DEBU’s Team

©copyright Billy DEBU – all rights reserved.



Thank you so very much to all the people who trusted me and helped me turn this project into a reality. All the Crossroads’ secrets truly came out from my mind. Nobody can know everything that exists in Magic. As a result, if someone brings me the proof by sending me a private message on my website that a strictly identical move already exists, I will be very pleased to mention its author’s name on my website on this dedicated web page. Furthermore, it will be right to say that coincidences are real, which I am sure about. Thank you so very much for your understanding. 

“Do you think it’s possible …” 

Sources & Inspiration

Crossroads by Billy DEBU

Brighter futur
‘Snap move’ – Musashi
‘Sandwich to 4Queens Kick-back’ – MO
‘first sandwich’ – Bill Goodwin

Madness Display
‘Immediate Aces’ – Max Maven
‘Count’ – garrett thomas

Oil and Water Unchained
Nojima Nobuyuki
Yota Fukuda

Raise of Power
‘King castling’ plot – luke dancy
tom stone

Reboot v2
Transposition plot – nojima nobuyuki
‘Rythm Count’ – Larry jennings

Simply an Illusion
‘Atfus Move’ – Ed marlo

2 Ways Dark Change
‘Duck Change’ – hiro sakai

Billy’s Magic Shot
Meir yedid
“production” Damien Vappereau – Close-up Pro

Progressive Vanishing
‘Half Vanish’ – daniel madisonHinge Control
‘Charlier Cut’

Control Add-on
‘Panoramic Shift’ – Jerry Andrus

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