‘Choose the right path at the Crossroads’.
7 new incredibly visual routines with huge impact on the audience + 12 new techniques and mind-blowing effects!
‘Do you think it’s possible?’


All effects happen quickly and lead your audience straight to the effect.
Your spectators won’t believe their own eyes…
Imagine making cards visually and instantly vanish, change, transpose, travel … possibilities are endless.
This collection of tricks has been created within professional close-up conditions..
  • Performed & Explained in details by Billy.
  • Shot with Full HD cameras.
  • Compositors’ musics.
  • Language : English & French.
  • Type of product: VOD (streaming).

©copyright Billy DEBU – all rights reserved.

– Brighter Futur
– Madness Display
– Oil and Water Unchained
– Raise of Power
– Reboot V1
– Reboot V2
– Simply an Illusion

– Escape Move
– Invisible Palm
– 4 Aces Fan Production
– Progressive Vanishing
– Velocity Change
– 2 Ways Dark Change
– Billy’s Magic Shot
– Magic Shot Change
– Magic Shot Aces Production

– New Path Matrix
– Hinge Control
– Control Add-on

Support : VOD (streaming)
Language : English and French.

©copyright Billy DEBU – all rights reserved.

“The minute I saw Billy perform I told The Magic Castle to book him.”

David REGALInternational performer and lecturer

“With a tempo that is reminiscent of Rock beat, Billy is a rare Magician who has a fast, extremely visual, stylish, and elegant handling that keeps everyone’s attention. He is a very rare performer who can handle a wide range of situations, from casual and impromptu situations to upper class events as well as large stages with thousands of people.”

Shimpei KATSURAGAWAInternational Performer and Lecturer

“When skillful artistry and passion collide, you have a Billy DEBU experience. Billy makes masterful card artistry possible. That’s real Magic !”

Gary BARKERThe Magic Emporium USA

“Une Technique irréprochable, une approche psychologique intelligente. Des tours signés Billy …
A voir absolument.”

Audouin RAMBAUDAdjoint au Maire d’Antibes Juan-les-Pins

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